24th January, 2014 3 Comments

Is your little Angel sleeping through the night yet?

posted by: Stephanie

Never ask a parent this question - they are likely to slap you around the face. And they are likely to slap you with more force the older their child is. If their child is one month old you might get away with it - if they are six years old... you're gonna get a pretty hard slap. Further advice - especially don't ask them this on a Sunday morning.

My son is nearly eleven months old and doesn't sleep through the night. His night time behaviour falls in to these categories:

I understand it is bed time mummy and daddy and I am happy to sleep but I will wake you up twice for milk.

I understand it is bed time mummy and daddy... but wouldn't it be fun if I stayed up to watch 'Have I Got News For You' - and then watched it on Dave+1 - every hour, on the hour?

I understand it is bed time mummy and daddy and I will sleep really really well; a deep sleep, with my face suctioned against the mattress which will mean you can't sleep - and my unusual 'sleeping through the night' will mean you assume something is not quite right and you will pace up and down outside my room listening for my breathing.

I have no notion of this 'bedtime' you speak of. I am the captain now!

We have also become aware of his middle of the night 'language'. He has three cries.
Argh I want attention.
Oooh I can shout really loudly! Having vocal chords sure is swell.
Ok. I fell in my cot and hit my head and this is serious guys.

All in all - not sleeping through the night just becomes part of your life - and I don't expect it to change anytime soon.


27th January, 2014 Posted by:sarah

my first slept fine all night from early on, my second is nearly 10 months and still doesn’t sleep all the way through. I had a terrible time of it until just a month ago when we tried controlled crying, he sleeps a lot better now but does still wakes occasionally

26th January, 2014 Posted by:ruth

Thank god its not just me. My little girl is 17 months old and I can count on 1 hand the number of full nights sleep we’ve had. Baring in mind a “full” nights sleep is classed as 11 til 5. For the first 6 months of her life she had to be woken every 3 hours for a feed because she was tiny and poorly so I can’t really blame her for the sleepless nights then but since then despite having a rigid bath bottle bed routine, even when we were on holiday or at family events, at the same time every night she still ‘naps’. A good night can mean 4 hours continuous sleep then a hour of up and down before 4 more hours etc. She doesn’t nap in the daytime anymore. We have tried everything, new bedding, lavendar bath products, bigger meals in the evening. Even buying a new cotbed. She just doesn’t need much sleep…. apparently. I’ve started lieing to people when they ask now only problem with that is i now need an excuse for how tired i look.

26th January, 2014 Posted by:kayleigh

I’m really sorry but my 1st child was easy to get into a routine of bath, feed, bed from a very young age and still now at 3 is a good sleeper (10-14 hours) and my 2nd child was a little more difficult but once in a cot and on the right milk now sleeps equally as well (8-10 hours) i quite simply just made suer that the things and times i see were dead on for the 1st couple of months and it should become natural habit. also both my children were born late at night/early morning and slept until light. i wonder if this is a factor as a friend i have had a child in the day that then first woke at night and never slept at night as a toddler but would want to nap all day? how many other women have had this i wonder?

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