9th July, 2014 1 Comment

The Beige Phase

posted by: Stephanie

"He will eat what he is given!" "He will soon eat when he's hungry." "I shall not cower to a toddler's whimsy!" "You let them get away with it once, just once and it's a slippery slope."

These are all sentences I said pre-baby about weaning and toddler eating. It seems ironic that now that my son is sixteen months old the sentences I am saying are "is there anything beige?" "He will eat anything beige!" "Just see if there's anything 'breaded' in the freezer compartment". "Oh just give him another piece of toast!"

I'm not as aware of Anthropology as I should be, but is there something innate in us that sees something green and makes the 'No way am I eating that' face? He is only a baby! He doesn't know about the mass hatred for sprouts or broccoli - and yet he turns his nose up at it. But show him a chicken nugget and he's happy! I am at the end of my wick.

He will eat vegetables sometimes though - if you follow this simple recipe:

Cook greens. Allow child to throw greens on floor. Vacuum up the majority but accidentally miss a morsel. Allow to rest for three or more weeks. Allow toddler to happen upon the offending 'greens' - now covered in detritus - watch toddler excitedly stuff into mouth.

Scream! Pull greens out of toddler's mouth. Repeat.

I'm just going to have to wait till he's yawning, and propel peas at him. It's not easy being green.

11th July, 2014 Posted by:Chloe

My son is the same with veg, I just mix it in with foods like cheesey mash and he will eat some then

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