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Simply the Best Job in the World

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Someone asked me recently what I enjoyed most about my work as a midwife. The question made me think back to when I made the decision to undertake midwifery training 20 years ago. At that time I was working as an air stewardess with “The World’s Favourite Airline”. I loved my job back then, meeting so many different people and seeing a wealth of interesting places all over the world...and being paid for it too!! Why on earth would I ever consider leaving? Well, despite the glamorous lifestyle, I knew that for me, there was something missing. I had reached a point in my working life when I realised that there had to be something more and that if I didn’t make the change, whatever that may be, then I would never feel completely fulfilled. With a background in medical science and a particular interest in women’s health, midwifery called... and so I hung up my wings and enrolled on the long, often difficult road to becoming a midwife.

I have never looked back. Although my two careers may seem very diverse, they are in fact very similar. On board an aircraft, passengers are travelling for a variety of reasons. Many are frequent travellers and take it all in their stride. Some may be feeling anxious or even fearful of the journey ahead and what situation they may have to face when they arrive at their destination. Some are travelling alone or with partners or family. A plane full of passengers, all on the same journey but individuals, making that journey for reasons unique to them. It was my job back then to ensure that for the duration of the journey, my passengers felt safe and secure in the knowledge that they would be well looked after; that they would feel their individual needs were met, and most of all, that they mattered. The satisfaction of the job was a sincere “Thank you for a lovely flight”.

As a midwife, my job is still all about people on a journey; that incredible journey into parenthood. For most it is a very happy and exciting time, but it can be stressful and worrying too. The word midwife means “with woman” and that is what we strive to do as midwives. To be with women and their families throughout the whole childbirth process and beyond, promoting confidence, respecting choices and offering support, guidance and advice each and every step of the way.

I continue to be amazed and humbled with each new baby I help to come into the world and cannot imagine anything more rewarding. I may have hung up my wings, but as a midwife, I still haven’t come down to earth!!

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