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It’s champagne for me. Unfortunately

posted by: mothercare

The test was negative. I even splashed out on a digital one which says ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ but there were the words as clear as anything, ‘not pregnant’. I felt so disappointed again. Dan was being optimistic and saying to me it’ll happen in time and not to worry about it, but how can I not worry? It’s me, my body and the thought that I might not be able to have children is overwhelming. I know you’ll probably think I’m being silly, as this is only our second month of trying, but it still worries me that there could be something wrong with me.

We went to the wedding that night and I drank a lot of champagne. It didn’t help that there was a pregnant woman at our table who talked about babies all night. Not sure I could have coped, but Dan’s hand squeezed my knee every now and again and just knowing he was there was good.

I had a fuzzy head from the drink the next day and Dan informed me that I had drunkenly told one of my friends that we were ‘trying’. He was cross with me but he understood I was drunk and emotional! Luckily I’d told Amy who is one of my best friends and is also very discreet. It’s also nice to know I have a friend I can go to now with all my woes instead of loading it all on Dan’s shoulders.

It’s back to square one for us now. As soon as my period has finished we’ll carry on trying to conceive and hopefully we’ll have better luck with our third attempt.

21st February, 2013 Posted by:Jack

Try going on holiday! It worked for me and my partner. We were trying for months but we conceived on a little relaxing holiday away to cornwall. I highly recommend giving it a go.

11th January, 2013 Posted by:Debs

Hi there just to let you know that l was the same as yourself and was convinced that there was something wrong with me when me and my husband started trying for a baby and every month when my period came I got dissapointed and thot it would never happen.but relaxing and not stressing about it helped and after a year of trying I fell pregnant and now have a healthy and happy 2 month old boy!!so stay positive and it will happen…honest xx

11th January, 2013 Posted by:Jenny

Thanks so much for your helpful comment Laura. I know I’m probably panicking for nothing but it is a worry every time my period arrives. It’s great to hear a positive outcome like yours, despite what you have been through. Hope it’s all going OK and you’re feeling excited now.

11th January, 2013 Posted by:Laura

Hi there. Everything will be fine I’m sure. Me and my partner were trying for 4 years and suffered 3 miscarriages and finally I’m 14 weeks pregnant and are also getting married 2 months after due date. It’s so difficult to try and relax but the minute I did it happened and am over the moon. Stay positive and enjoy trying u will get there in the end x

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