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Innosense® – Feeding from a new angle

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At Mothercare we’ve been helping to feed babies for generations. Our years of experience have taught us a few things along the way. Firstly, we know that every baby has their own unique feeding routine whether it is breast or bottle feeding, and secondly for parents getting the little things right is the best way to a happy baby.

We’ve spoken to mums and experts and gathered together all our innovative know how and common sense to create Innosense® – a carefully researched and expertly developed range of practical and thoughtful feeding products. In it you’ll find everything you need to feed the way that comes most naturally to you and your baby.

Every woman and baby are different and deciding how you should feed your baby is your decision. We have a range of products to help make breastfeeding and bottle feeding that little bit easier.

To celebrate the launch of Innosense®, all blog posts over the next week will have a feeding theme and will include wellbeing tips for breastfeeding mums, step-by-step guides on preparing infant formula feeds and sterilising feeding equipment and some feeding tips from some of our bloggers, so keep an eye out for some great guidance and advice.

Below are details of 3 key products from the range, to see the range in full, click here.

Electric Breast Pump
The range includes an electric breast pump which has an innovative three positional funnel to allow you to express in a way that’s more personalised and comfortable to you.

‘At last here’s a breast pump that have been truly designed with mothers in mind. The silicone cup is incredibly soft and flexible, and the three positions of the pump really helps mum feed her baby and pump at the same time’ 
Polly, author

Watch the video for more

Wide Neck Bottle
When bottle feeding, it’s important to keep the teat full of milk to reduce the risk of colic. Most wide neck bottles need to be held at a steep angle to make sure the centralised teat stays full throughout the feed. Our revoluntionary Innosense bottle has an off-centred teat making it easier to keep the teat full of milk while hardly tilting the bottle at all. This results in a natural and relaxed feeding angle, with parents confirming that their babies fed more comfortably.

‘Nice to see baby’s face and mouth whilst feeding, baby took to bottle no problems, flow of milk was constant, hardly had to change angle or tip bottle much, could see what amount of milk baby was taking. Clever design.’ 
Vicky, Emily’s mum, 5 months

Watch the video for more

Electric Steam Steriliser
A steriliser is an essential to sterilise all your baby’s feeding equipment and should be used up to the age of 12 months. There are 3 options for sterilising – electric steam, microwave steam and cold water. Choose the one that is most suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

’Easy to use, neat and stylish’
Alison, midwife

Watch the video for more

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