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Mothercare Leeds – My Mothership

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My relationship with the Mothercare store at Crown Point Retail Park in Leeds was already quite a serious one. When I found out I was expecting it became my first port of call where I would spend hours cooing over the rows of tiny neutral baby grows. As I progressed through my pregnancy, and my bladder became increasingly squashed, I made it my sanctuary as I knew there were large accessible conveniences in store. At least one member of staff has seen my breasts after sizing me up for a nursing bra, and it is the place, towards the end of my pregnancy, that we frantically bought a car seat and larger...and larger...and larger maternity wear. When I heard it had been refurbished I wasn’t expecting a massive change. As soon as I walked through the doors I realised I was wrong.

The change at the store is substantial. The first thing that hits you is the sheer space before you. To the right is now a large coffee shop area called ‘Tea Monkey’ with some healthy looking snacks for children as well as much needed caffeine for the parents. There are attractive, welcoming seats and an area to use ipads loaded up with the Mothercare app and more. There is free Wifi - you don’t even need a code. Next to this are the pristine conveniences I have grown to love, with expansive areas for Mother (and Father) baby changing.

The store is divided into much clearer sections such as ‘Feeding’ and ‘Bedding’. To the right are an army of baby car seats, prams and buggies. To the left is a large maternity wear range (I almost wanted to be pregnant again just to wear a particular peach maxi dress). In the centre are many cots and bedding suggestions with made up rooms so you can envision the furniture in your own home space. At the back of the room to the right is a private Babybond Ultrasound where you can get a 4D scan of your bundle of joy to be.

Up the stairs is an expansive toy area with all the distractions for babies and children you could wish for. Anything from Jumperoos and baby walkers to toys for older children and adorable cuddly bears. There is also a play area where your baby or child can try out toys as well as small arcade type rides and a large train to play on. In the corner is an area where you can get professional photos of your family. But the best part of the new store is ‘Mumspace’.

Located up the stairs to the left is ‘Mumspace’ - a friendly, welcoming teaching area where they run sessions in anything from ‘Baby Calm’ to 'Fertility & Birth Network drop in’ to ‘Acupuncture and Reflexology’ to ‘Tennis Tots’ for two year olds and above, to ‘Post and Pre Natal Fitness’ to ‘Post Natal Support Groups’ to ‘Bollywood Dance and Fitness’ to ‘Baby Massage’ to ‘Antenatal Classes’ to one that caught my eye - ‘Paco 1st Aid’.

As an overly anxious new mum I could no longer keep my head buried in the sand when it came to my complete ignorance of baby and child first aid - so I signed up! The course is run by Paula Colman the founder of Paco First Aid. I took my 3 month old and we sat with some expectant mothers and a father and listened, fascinated, as Paula explained to us how to save a baby or child’s life. She covered CPR and the processes to go through if your baby or child is choking or unconscious. She provided baby and child dummies to practise on. It was invaluable information. It was friendly, casual, relaxed and fun - despite the serious subject matter.

When asking about how we would check a baby’s responses I explained that I did this sometimes several times a night as I was overly anxious about my baby’s breathing. Yes - I am one of those new mums! I feel like I spend most of my time trying ‘not to break the baby’. Learning how to resuscitate a baby or child - or remove a blockage from their throat made me feel much more confident and empowered. And I swear we both slept more soundly last night.

The new store is a haven for parents to be and families. The space is notable but the store has not lost its personal feel. There are numerous helpful and knowledgable staff on hand adorned with head sets and ipads. With the tea area, the conveniences with baby changing facilities and ‘Mumspace’ to meet other parents, make new friends and learn vital skills - my three month old and I could happily live there!

Get a ‘Mumspace’ Timetable and session guide in store. For more information about PACO First Aid go to or search for it on Facebook.

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Not forgetting baby signing classes! 😉

The store does look fantastic now

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