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Parents Share Their Festive Traditions

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Little ones wear festive Jumpers, Nightwear and Personalised Gifts from Mothercare

Every family has its own Christmas traditions – from leaving out a carrot for Rudolph to watching a favourite Christmas movie. To celebrate these special festive moments, we asked some lovely mums to share what makes Christmas magical in their house – then we added to the magic with some early gifts from Mothercare.

Brave mum Kate @ Family Fever [] loves to get the kids involved in decorating the tree. “We pop on the Christmas songs, sort out the boxes of decorations, decide on this years’ colour scheme and let the kids go wild.” She remembers being allowed to open a present on Christmas Eve, and has continued that tradition with her children – just the one though! We sent Kate’s older children cute kids Christmas jumpers [] to wear on the big day, and little one Eliza got a gorgeously soft Santa suit – complete with fur-trimmed hat, of course!

Jaime @ The Oliver’s Madhouse [] has a long list of traditions to tick off with her family, including biscuit decorating, a naughty Elf on the Shelf and a Christmas Eve box of treats. Nothing is more important than the trip to see Santa though – and he gets the best of the biscuits! We love the idea of a Christmas Eve box so sent Joshua and Jacob new kids Christmas pyjamas, plus a personalised Christmas bear and Santa sack to mark Jacob’s first Christmas. Although Jaime was delighted with the personalised baby gifts, she admits to mixed feelings, saying “I was excited for Christmas but a little sad that another milestone for Jacob is upon us.”

Sarah @ Run, Jump, Scrap [] recalls having “bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast, and one sprout on my plate for dinner” as a child, and now she’s a mum of two she’s making her own foodie traditions, including pancakes and Nutella on Christmas morning. She loved the red robin pyjamas that we gifted her little girl, and the soft and snugly Mummy’s Little Pudding babygrow (with cute pudding hat!) and personalised gifts [] for her new baby boy.

As Hannah @ Budding Smiles [] points out, most favourite family Christmas traditions revolve around the kids. “Now that we have Toby and Martha, the magic of Christmas is seeing their little faces soak in the twinkling lights, the music, the shiny wrapping paper and the decorations all around”. We think their last Christmas lunch, hosted in their log cabin, sounds pretty special too! Hannah is another fan of the Christmas Eve box, so we helped out with cute kids Christmas pyjamas for Toby and Martha to snuggle up and watch Elf in.

Danielle @ Someone’s Mum [] goes one step further and dresses her little ones in matching pjs to await the arrival of Father Christmas. She remembers her parents starting this tradition with her and her sister, recalling their “red plaid and button-up tops, just the same.” Luckily, we’d sent Danielle two identical pairs of kids Christmas pyjamas for her little ones [], and they look fantastically festive in the photos! One of the more unusual traditions in the Someone’s Mum household is the Chinese takeaway on Christmas Eve. They also put together a ‘reverse advent’ which involves adding an item to a box every day in the run up to December 25th, to donate to someone in need. Danielle explains, “I want Biggest and Littlest to know that Christmas isn’t just about receiving material things – it’s about giving and receiving love!”

Sian @ Quite Frankly She Said mentions a tradition that pretty much every chocolate-loving child (and adult!) in the country will be enjoying – the Christmas advent calendar. “I’ve had one every year for as long as I can remember,” she admits, “Even at the ripe old age of 34!” You’re never too old for an advent calendar Sian! The trip to Santa is a new tradition in Sian’s household, with her boys lucky enough to see the big man in red two days in a row! What could be better than a soft, knitted baby Christmas jumper [] to see Santa in? We sent Sian’s two boys festive jumpers to keep cosy in on those special Christmas days out.

We loved hearing all about our Mothercare mums favourite family traditions – and they’ve given us some great ideas for next year. Sarah @ Run, Jump, Scrap enjoys “a Christmas film and wine on Christmas Eve, when the littlies are asleep” – which sounds like a definite winner to us!

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