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My Dear Baby

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I’m not quite sure if it’s the cheeky grin you give when you’re making a point, or the multitude of kisses you like to adorn me with at every hour of the day, but your presence alone makes my heart skip beats. I remember the day you were born – 7 weeks early; you’ve always been full of surprises – staring at you and struggling to believe that you were mine. My son, my little man, mine to raise, to cherish and to teach. I would stand over your Moses Basket and say “my son,” with the hope that it would sink in. 5 years on and I’m still amazed by you. How much you’ve grown, how much you’ve learnt and most beautiful, how much you love. Monkey, you teach me things about myself that I’ve never known. You’ve taught me the importance of forgiveness, kindness and loving without condition. I’m an example to you, but at the same time, you’re an example to me!

My dear baby, continue being you without apology. I promise to encourage you to follow your own dreams and support you in everything you do. Your dad and I promise to give you a life of fun, adventure and most of all love. I promise to make you feel like the centre of my universe every single day. And to support you in whatever you aspire just like you made our dreams come true.

My dear baby, thank you for being our rainbow baby and brightening our life with your beautiful smile. I want you to know that having you has been my biggest achievement in life.

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Love you forever and always.
Mum and Dad

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