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My Perfect Father’s Day

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I often get asked what my perfect evening would be if we had a night off from parenting and my answer is always a decent take out and a bottle of wine followed by a relaxed lie in with no hangover. Just having the time to yourself with no schedule seems such a luxury.

But after saying all of that, I love our routine, generally all of us are up and out the door by 7, walking Cat the Dog up on Wimbledon common before stopping to chill out for breakfast in one of the amazing cafes in the village for lots of coffee and breakfast.

Fathers day is different though, before becoming a dad the idea of a child and a dog joining us in bed sounded like the my idea of hell but all I really want us to do is for E to come join us for her morning bottle with Cat the Dog taking up half the bed and to just lay and chill and be at one as a family.

With a pregnant wife and a toddler the idea of having the brekky in bed is probably out the window, scratch that I would say there is more chance of me giving birth to our second child. So where would I choose to have breakfast if it was down to me and a completely selfish decision….. hmmm it would have to be Brew café, the chorizo folded eggs with sides of creamy mushrooms and their maple syrup covered wedges of bacon would probably just about do it.

Wrap that all up with some coffee beans to go to enjoy the rest of the day and probably a bag full of Anzac biscuits that we can all enjoy, yep even you Cat.

Outside of that I would be happy for us all to share our time watching Ghibili movies, laying under a tree in the park and going on one of our now famous urban wildlife trails. (Seriously, walk slower and observe how much nature, well bugs and weeds, are at toddler level. It’s fascinating to them.)

For dinner it would be whatever my girls wanted to eat, it is sooo cliché but when they are happy I am happy so it would probably end up being some kind of noodles or dim sum, which I can’t complain about.

Oh and if your wondering what this dad wants for fathers day, it’s a ‘world’s best dad’ mug.

Written by Greg Stanton – aka London Dad

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