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To 4D or not to 4D

When we were expecting our first baby, I (quite selfishly) made the decision that we would not find out if we were having a boy or girl. Kristy did...
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Mother’s Day: ELC Let’s Bake Challenge!

Who else is planning on baking beautiful confections for Mother’s Day? Every year I ask my mum what she would like me to bake her, and every year...
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#MyMothersDay Competition

Head on over to our Facebook and Twitter pages between 24th – 27th March for a chance to win a luxury flower bouquet and other treats worth...
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Can I go back to work now? Please?

Since January I have been in full time employment. My (now one year old) spends the majority of his time at nursery and I feel rotten. Guilty and...
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Preventing Accidents at Home

The national “Save a Life Survey” involving over 2000 people, showed that a third of all parents have had to rush their child to hospital...
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