20th June, 2014 1 Comment

Shall we have another? Pros and Cons List

posted by: Stephanie

A few months ago my partner said "It's been a year and we haven't broken this one, I think we might be ok with another?"

When an important decision is looming the only sensible thing is to set out the advantages and disadvantages. So...

Our second will be just as perfect as our first! OR... our first was just a fluke - and the next will be frankly, hideous!

It's always better to have a 'back up' in every situation. OR... one is all you need. I mean I'm an only child and there's nothing wrong with me is there dear? Dear?

I will be so much better the second time around. So much more confident and relaxed. OR... the second time will break me and I will be even more clueless than the first time.

Our house will be jumbling full of life and love and laughter! An atmosphere of 'family' will resonate. We will be the new Brady Bunch / The Waltons. OR... our house will never ever be tidy again. I may as well start pooping where I stand.

We won't need to buy anything - we can re-use it all from the first. OR... this time we will have a girl, and of course she will need a whole new wardrobe! And if we have another boy he doesn't deserve to be forced to wear poo and sick stained cast offs. That sort of thing breeds resentment.

I will lose loads of weight and look healthy and glowing like with my first pregnancy. OR... this pregnancy will be the opposite of the first, I will only be able to eat Lurpack and I will be the size of a spacious semi detached by month four.

We will be such amazing parents. We are such amazing parents now. We will be even better with two!!

OR... we're just kidding ourselves.


26th August, 2014 Posted by:anya

id give it nine years the oldest will be old enough to help

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