7th July, 2013 4 Comments

Another weekend away…and a surprise!

posted by: Jenny

So, we happily set off for our weekend away and we arrived at a lovely hotel on a rainy Friday night. Luckily after a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep we woke up to sunshine and were able to embark on all the activities we had planned. We both did some climbing in the morning (a hobby we both enjoy) and I did a beginners sailing course in the afternoon. It was on the sailing course that I started to feel a bit funny. Not sick really but not quite right. When I got back, Dan said I looked really green so we rushed back to the hotel. After a lie down I felt better and managed a stroll by the beach and a meal out.

The morning after I woke up feeling funny again and it was at this point that Dan said, ‘Perhaps you’re pregnant!” I stopped dead in my tracks and checked the dates on my iPhone. He was right; I had ovulated two weeks ago so I would normally have been expecting my period now. In my excitement at going away for the weekend I’d completely forgotten about my period and baby-making. It was Sunday and we scoured the little seaside town for a chemist that sold pregnancy tests but there was nothing open! Can you imagine my frustration at not bringing one with me after months of trying and testing??!!!

In the end Dan drove to an out of town supermarket and came back armed with five tests. I did the first one and we waited (not very patiently) for the result to appear. And can you believe? It was POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! There were the words ‘you’re pregnant’ on the little digital display! We both screamed with delight and couldn’t stop giggling. Of course over the next few hours I did all the tests and they all showed an identical positive result.

So.... I'm delighted to tell you after MANY (sometimes frustrating) months of trying, we’re having a baby! We both wondered round with ridiculous grins on our faces and I worried slightly that I’d been climbing the day before!

It was all we talked about on the way home and I worked out my due date would be February! After what seems like months of trying and disappointment I’m finally pregnant and even though it’s early days I feel so happy it’s finally happening for us.

It looks like my TTC blog may (fingers crossed) turn into a pregnancy blog…

9th July, 2013 Posted by:Alix

That’s brilliant news

9th July, 2013 Posted by:Cindy

Congratulations! What wonderful news!

9th July, 2013 Posted by:Jennie

I knew it would happen for you when you least expected it.x.

7th July, 2013 Posted by:Louise

OMG this had me in tears congratulations finally, been waiting and praying for this news for you for do long, well done, now all the fun starts lol (only crying causes can relate to your situation)
Hope all goes well an I can’t wait to hear about the next 30 + weeks for u to go x

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