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Seeing the GP about PCOS

posted by: Jenny

Following my last post where I was concerned about PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) I saw my GP (again) and explained my worries. She said that as my periods were regular and I didn’t display any of the other symptoms (excessive hair growth, weight gain, acne) I probably don’t have it. I pretty much broke down crying in the surgery and pleaded with her to do something! In the end she agreed to do a blood test which can test for PCOS to see if that would help. Well, the results have just come through and I don’t have it. It’s a relief but part of me wanted there to be something wrong so that we would know which steps to take to fix it. So, we‘re back to TTC every three days and more when I ovulate. I use sticks that I wee on to tell me when I’m ovulating and I test my temperature frequently (your temperature goes up slightly after you have ovulated).

According to the tests I am doing, everything is working like clockwork! I’ve also got seriously into baking cakes - some of the recipes I've got from Natasha. Not great for my waistline but it takes my mind off babies.

I have been asked by a few people to make cakes for events like birthdays which has been fun. I’ve also just been asked to make a wedding cake which fills me with dread – what if I do it wrong?! Still, I love putting the radio on, donning an apron and getting creative in the kitchen so I’ve said yes and I’ll have to cross my fingers all goes well.

As for the baby-business (that’s what Dan jokingly calls it) we’ve booked another weekend away. This time it’s a bit more rustic with outdoor activities like climbing and sailing. We both really need a holiday where we can take our mind off everything and sometimes I think if you lie around in the sun or have massages it makes you think about the stress in your life even more. So, activities it is!

22nd May, 2013 Posted by:Barbara

Hi Jenny, I just came across your blog via Mothercare’s tweet. I just wanted to ask if you have heard about the Sperm Meets Egg Plan? (SMEP for short) it is a plan to help conception if there are no fertility problems, heres the link for more info: My husband and I tried for 13 months and then tried SMEP – worked first time and our little girl just turned 1

22nd May, 2013 Posted by:Katherine

Fingers crossed for you! I can’t imagine how it must feel but have friends who have been through it. Luckily all have got their precious bundle/s in the end. Pray you do too. x

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