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Maternity swimwear tips and recommendations

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Gurgle's Associate Editor Nifa McLaughlin gives us the low down on maternity swimwear fashion

Swimming when you’re pregnant not only gives you a feeling of weightlessness and freedom; fantastic when you feel as big as an elephant, but it’s also a safe way to keep fit during pregnancy. Of course that doesn’t stop you from being self-conscious in the pool as you reveal your pregnancy curves and newly forming bump. Lots of women feel more body-confident when they’re pregnant and relish not having to pull their stomachs in. Luckily there are so many flattering maternity swimwear styles you’ll be able to find something that suits your figure and either covers or shows off your bump.

You probably sighed at the thought of bikini shopping before you were pregnant and it’s even trickier with a bump that just keeps growing. Lots of women opt for a tankini, which is basically a vest and bikini pants rather than a bikini top. The added advantage is that if you don’t fit a standard size on top and below, you can find a tankini where you can choose different sizes for the top and bottom.

The general rule for all maternity wear is to buy your normal size (rather than buying bigger) and the same applies to swimwear. Specially designed maternity swimwear will be made from material or have extra material which allows for your bump to grow and stops you from having to buy another swimsuit as you get bigger.

Asos Maternity Exclusive Swimwear Pant in Multi Stripe - £14
See here

Blooming Marvellous Navy Stripe Maternity Tankini - £26
See here

Figleaves Maternity Marine Spot Halter Tankini set - £35
See here

Swimming for Fitness
Swimming is the perfect exercise during pregnancy because it’s very low-impact, which means it puts minimal strain on your muscles and you’re less likely to injure yourself. It’s great for your cardio vascular system; it gets your heart pumping and improves circulation. It can also tone up your muscles and gives you an all-over body workout. The other good news is that even if you didn’t swim much before you were pregnant it should be perfectly safe to start off with a gentle swim – then work up to swimming for longer periods when you feel ready. Try a 20 minute swim with rests and go at a speed you find comfortable. Finding a maternity swimsuit for fitness swimming is easy because lots of styles are designed to keep you feeling secure inside the suit but the tummy area is expandable as your belly gets bigger.

Figleaves Emma-Jane Maternity Swim Cross-Back Swimsuit - £21
See here

Blooming Marvellous Black Sport Maternity Swimsuit - £20
See here

s and Papas Spot Swimsuit - £25
See here

Going on holiday
Nipping away for a quick break before your baby arrives is a great idea but check when you are allowed to fly and always get travel insurance. Once that’s sorted it’s time to go maternity swimwear shopping! Some women can get away with wearing their pre-pregnancy bikinis but most will want to buy something that offers extra support and will feel more comfortable in pants that may be shaped around the bump.

Seraphine Band bikini – black and bronze - £39
See here

JoJo Maman Bebe's Navy Polka dot Maternity swimsuit - £26
See here

Blooming Marvellous Red Spot Maternity Tankini - £26
See here

A few little hints to help you on your way..

1. If you’re not body confident, the old rule of wearing black to help you look slimmer applies with maternity swimsuits too.

2. Swimsuits with Lycra in them will help to stretch around your bump, but also your breasts which will grow during pregnancy.

3. If you have larger breasts a tankini or swimsuit with an extra ‘shelf’ of material will give you added support.

4. Check that the straps of your swimsuit or bikini are adjustable for if and when your breasts fluctuate in size.

5. Some swimwear and bikinis have nursing straps so can be worn after you’ve had your baby and if you are breastfeeding. This means you won’t have to buy an alternative nursing swimsuit.

6. Buying a sarong for covering up your bottom half can be a great holiday essential, especially those who notice cellulite appearing or feel body-conscious as they grow bigger.

7. If you swim with a toddler when pregnant make sure your swimsuit is very supportive and tight enough for your toddler not to pull down (this is written from experience as toddlers tend to grab onto swimsuits and yank them down exposing you in the pool).

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