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8th June, 2015 2 Comments

Putting off packing ‘that’ bag

posted by: Stephanie

I have reached thirty two weeks pregnant and it is time for me to pack 'that' bag. This has been in my blogging schedule for twenty weeks - I really can't say I'm unprepared. And it's not my first pregnancy - it's my second. So I should be an expert right?

Wrong. I haven't packed it. I'm putting it off - I'm terrified. I shall not lie.

The first time around we were so excited - the bag was packed straight away! It wasbursting with cute baby outfits, mittens, socks, cute hats. There was talc and wipes and new born nappies. There were maternity pads and nursing pads (though I had no clue what I would need them for). There were magazines and a whole make up bag for me. I had several nighties and a glamorous change of clothes. I had an iPod full of music and my phone charger (most importantly).

I went two weeks overdue and would stare at the bag, by the front door, longingly - every day - when will I get to use it? I always imagined grabbing it in a panic in the middle of the night - but that never happened. I was eventually induced. By the time we got to the hospital I had a total of three bags and a carrier bag of inappropriate snacks including cocktail sausages and donuts.

Because of my emergency cesarean last time - I am having a planned cesarean this time. This complicates things further - I have no idea what to pack for a planned cesarean - for myself. And I have been putting off thinking about it all.

I have been counting the days of this pregnancy waiting for it to pass - but once I pack that bag it tells me the end is near. It tells me that this is real - and as for most things in life - I am completely unprepared, and bloody terrified.

Also - I'm no expert - I'm just a normal person; who is putting off packing 'that' bag.

So I would appreciate your help... What should I pack? And should I be packing anything different for a planned cesarean?


8th June, 2015 Posted by:Claire

I had a planned c sec in may last year and the hospital was so hot i couldnt sleep at night, hubby had to bring me a fan and ice lollies. My most useful thing was the cd i had prepared for when i went into theatre, i needed a distraction when the spinal block went in, and this helped me a lot. I never used half the stuff i was told i would need, like lip balm or breast pads.

8th June, 2015 Posted by:dani

Baby clothes, hat, nappies, cotton wool, maternity pads, loose knickers preferably high waist to avoid your wound area, slippers, snack for the ward after the op you will be in for a day or 2, pjs/ nightie, camera, chargers,hospital notes

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